Our pollen is collected mainly in the region of South Bohemia and Sumava mountains. For some species we have the source locations in other regions of Czech Republic but we also have the locations in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. For the next season we included new locations in Italy for the Olea europea.

Thanks to developed production methods, strict and detailed production standards, its consistent follow-up and controlling we offer the pollen with the highest possible purity. Our pollen has the highest quality and the average final purity of the supplied pollen for last three seasons is over 99%.

Scientific name English name
Acer pseudoplatanus SYCAMORE MAPLE
Alnus glutinosa BLACK ALDER
Ambrosia artemisiifolia COMMON RAGWEED
Artemisia vulgaris MUGWORT
Betula pendula SILVER BIRCH
Betula alba WHITE BIRCH
Brassica napus RAPESEED
Carpinus betulus COMMON HORNBEAM
Corylus avellana COMMON HAZEL
Dactylis glomerata ORCHARD GRASS
Festuca rubra RED FESCUE
Fraxinus excelsior EUROPEAN ASH
Juglans regia COMMON WALNUT
Olea europaea OLIVE
Pinus silvestris SCOTCH PINE
Populus alba WHITE POPLAR
Populus tremula EUROPEAN ASPEN
Quercus petraea SESSILE OAK
Quercus robur ENGLISH OAK
Quercus rubra RED OAK
Rumex acetosa COMMON SORREL
Salix caprea GOAT WILLOW
Sambucus nigra BLACK ELDER
Taraxacum officinale COMMON DANDELION
Urtica dioica COMMON NETTLE
Zea mays MAIZE

The list of mentioned species is just an example of the pollen we have supplied to our customers. Species are available upon the current conditions and your request.